CEDIFOR Repository CLARIN-D Centre

Introduction to the CEDIFOR Repository

The CLARIN-D repository of CEDIFOR, which is a joint project of the Goethe University Frankfurt (GU), the Technical University Darmstadt (TUDA) and the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF), offers longterm preservation of digital resources, along with their descriptive metadata. The mission of the repository is to ensure the availability and long-term preservation of resources, to preserve the knowledge gained in research, to support the transfer of knowledge into new contexts, and to provide new methods and resources for researchers.

CLARIN-D develops a digital infrastructure for language-centric research in the social sciences and humanities. The main function of the CLARIN-D Service Centres is to provide relevant, useful data and tools in an integrated, interoperable and scalable way. CLARIN-D develops infrastructure in close collaboration with experienced humanities and social scientists to ensure that it is systematically and easily accessible to users’ needs. The integration of the repository into the national and international CLARIN-D and CLARIN infrastructures provides broad visibility and increases the likelihood that resources will be used and developed beyond the lifetime of the projects in which they were developed.

The resources currently available in the CEDIFOR repository include various corpora of the working groups at the GU, TUDA and DIPF. The tools, offered by the centre, will also be made accessible.

Depositing Data into the CEDIFOR Archive

A depositor can be anyone who follows the following rules and has created and wishes to make available corpora or resources within the framework of CEDIFOR projects (former pilot projects, associated projects or curation projects).

The depositor can, if he is authorized on it,

    • uploading data to be archived and distributed by the repository, and
    • determine to which people the data may be distributed by specifying access rights.

The archiving process follows a defined workflow for depositing the data and accepts digital resources (including data and tools) for depositing on the servers.

Accepted Resources

The repository not only concentrates on written text corpora but also aims at the insertion of multimodal corpora. The repository accepts resources of high scientific value for the respective communities as well as all resources generated within the framework of the CEDIFOR projects.

It is important that the resources,

    • are the result of research projects.
    • are delivered with detailed and complete CMDI metadata.
    • whose structure and data structure is described and by a detailed documentation (PDF).
    • Contain information on how the data was originally created and collected.
    • have been checked for validity by third parties.

Also recommended:

    • It is recommended to use the formats listed in the CLARIN standard recommendations,
    • If no recommended format is used, complete documentation of the data shall be provided,
    • only data that is freely accessible to anyone or is licensed under a limited license that allows individuals to work in resource institutions will be added to the repository. Access to metadata must not be restricted in any way.

Depositing Procedure

In the CEDIFOR CLARIN-D repository, the specific procedure for storing resources includes the following steps:

    • Signing of the deposit contract
    • Completing the resource deposition request form
    • Send these documents to clarin@cedifor.de

Detailed Information

On the following pages you will find all relevant information in detail.

Public Mission Statement

The ultimate goal of CEDIFOR is to advance research in the digital humanities, humanities and social sciences, as well as education and literature by providing researchers with a single access point to a platform that integrates language-based resources and tools at the German and European levels. This will be achieved through the construction and operation of a common distributed infrastructure aimed at making language resources, technologies and knowledge available to these research communities.


Repository Details

Name: CEDIFOR CLARIN-D Repository Center
Website: www.cedifor.de/en/clarin
Repository: ResourceManager
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Corpus portal: Main page

Organization Details

Phone number: +49-(0)341-9732230
Email: clarin@cedifor.de
Website: www.cedifor.de
Privacy notice: https://www.cedifor.de/en/legal-statement/
Postcode: 60323
City: Frankfurt
State: Hesse
Country: Germany
Postal adress: Goethe-University, Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 1, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany