CEDIFOR Metadata Requirements for Depositing

This page provides a brief overview of metadata fields that are useful in describing and disseminating a resource. All metadata fields are either mandatory or optional. Mandatory metadata fields are an important prerequisite for depositing a resource in the CEDIFOR CLARIN-D Center. Optional metadata contains information that has proven useful but is not required. In addition to the completeness of metadata, the validation of metadata is also necessary.
It is strongly recommended to use detailed metadata that is useful both for the original target audience of the resource and for user groups of other domains. Metadata values must be provided at least (but not exclusively) in English.

Metadata Field Mandatory/Optional Possible Vocabulary or Data Format
Resource title Mandatory
Resource title Mandatory
Description of the resource (detailed) Mandatory
Resourcetyp Mandatory Internet Media Type
Author/Creator Mandatory
Resource owner Mandatory
License Mandatory e.g. Creative Commons (CC*)
Language of the resource Mandatory ISO 639-3, ISO 639-1
Persistent Identifier of the resource (PID) Mandatory DOI, Handle, ISBN
Keywords Optional DDC, LCC, LCSH