Repository CLARIN-D Centre CEDIFOR

The CLARIN-D Centre CEDIFOR provides a repository for long-term storage of resources and meta-data. Resources hosted in the repository stem from research of members as well as associated research projects of CEDIFOR. This includes software and web-services as well as corpora of text, lexicons, images and other data.

Research results published in the repository are public under an open license (usually based on creative commons). All resources are annotated according to the CMDI standard and available in the CLARIN Virtual Language Observatory (VLO). This is achieved by a CLARIN harvester which checks repositories of CLARIN-D Centres and other institutions for updates of meta-data on a weekly basis.

Depositing Data into the Repository

CEDIFOR members and associated research projects are welcome to upload data into the repository under an open license using the CEDIFOR resource manager.
We recommend using CC-BY-SA 4.0 or CC-BY-ND 4.0. Please write us at if you need an account or support in uploading and managing your data. In order to publish resources by means of the CLARIN Virtual Language Observatory additional meta data is required using the CMDI format.
Annotations should refer to the CEDIFOR project and contain license information. A general introduction to annotating using CMDI can be found on the CLARIN website. The repository manager is also capable to generate persistent identifiers (PID) which can be used to refer to resources as well as meta data.

What can be published? You can upload files as well as links which refer to online resources such as web-services. The repository is open to research results of CEDIFOR members and associated research projects. Publishers need to ensure that the publication is permitted by the copyright holder.

IPR and Copyright Issues

If you discover any resources in the repository which have been uploaded without proper license and permission or are offensive by any means please contact us at


Further information can be found here.