Cross-National Doctoral Program

Cross-National Doctoral Program

Institute(s): Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Duration: 2016-2017

CEDIFOR project participants

Prof. Dr. Jost Gippert (Institute for Empirical Linguistics, Goethe University Frankfurt)
Prof. Dr. Manana Tandaschwili (Institute for Empirical Linguistics, Goethe University Frankfurt)

CEDIFOR partner:

Prof. Dr. Darejan Tvaltvadze, Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
Prof. Dr. Merab Khalvashi, Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi, Georgia

Brief description

In the project “Preparation of a cross-national doctoral program in ‘Digital Humanities'”, starting in 2016, supported by the GU, the Tbilisi State University in Tbilisi (Georgia) and the Shota Rustaveli State University in Batumi (Georgia), an international graduate school in the field of digital humanities is being prepared, supported by these three universities. The thematic focus will be on research on Georgia and the Caucasus region, addressing the breadth of the humanities and social sciences.