Interlinking Pictura

Interlinking Pictura – Bertuch’s “Picture Book for Children” as a Semantic Network

Institute(s): Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education

External Partners: Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung, Berlin

Financed with funds from the project-executing agency: Apr. 2016 – Nov. 2017 as pilot project

Project collaborators

Stefanie Kollmann, BBF
Kendra Stings, DIPF, until 10/2016
Cornelia-Flavia Veja, DIPF

Further Participants: Sabine Reh (BBF), Marc Rittberger (DIPF), Christoph Schindler (DIPF)


The pilot project “Interlinking Pictura” aims to annotate a selected and firmly defined stock of the picture archive Pictura Paedagogica Online in the research environment Semantic CorA and to evaluate it in a semantic form. The aim is a web presentation that presents and analyses the content of Friedrich Justin Bertuch’s “Bilderbuch für Kinder” (1790-1830) in a differentiated way and semantically presents the current state of knowledge on the work and enables new insights by linking it to other web presences. The aim of the project is to develop the workflow, which has been tested as a pilot project, as a model project so that it can later be applied to other collections in the image archive.

The Bildarchiv zur Bildungsgeschichte Pictura Paedagogica Online was launched in January 2000 as a DFG project with the aim of promoting research on images as sources of educational history. This goal is achieved by bringing together different collections of pictorial material digitally in one place, by uniformly indexing the pictorial data and by making them freely accessible. The image archive has been searchable online since May 2001 and currently comprises more than 70,000 images.

For the pilot project, Friedrich Justin Bertuch’s “Bilderbuch für Kinder” (picture book for children) was selected for both formal and content reasons. The selection of templates is firmly defined and has a manageable scope, as the “Picture Book for Children” is a self-contained collection of 1165 picture panels on which around 6000 individual figures are depicted.

Bertuch’s “Picture Book for Children” clearly follows the tradition of the “Orbis pictus” and the elementary works of Locke, Basedow, Campe and Salzmann. With his selection of themes Bertuch tried to make the world known at that time comprehensible to children. Divided into 14 subject areas, the exhibition presents a wide variety of content, ranging from animal and plant life to inventions and foreign peoples and countries.

In the pilot project “Interlinking Pictura”, these diverse subject areas and the context in which the picture book was created are to be semantically structured and the current state of research incorporated. On this basis, content evaluations will be carried out in order to answer the following questions, among others: Which topics have been chosen? Are there accumulations? Which geographical focuses are set and how do they change over time? To what extent did contemporary developments influence the selection of topics?


Picture archive on the history of education Pictura Paedagogica Online

Bertuch’s picture book for children was selected for the pilot project.

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