Linked Open Dictionaries (LiODi)

Institute(s): Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Associated since: March 2017
CEDIFOR project participants

Prof. Dr. Jost Gippert (Institute for Empirical Linguistics, Goethe University Frankfurt)

CEDIFOR Partner:

Prof. Dr. Christian Chiarcos (Applied Computational Linguistics, Goethe University Frankfurt a. M.)

Brief Description

The junior research group LiODi under the direction of Prof. Dr. Christian Chiarcos develops methods and resources for comparative lexicography in linguistic, sociological and historical fields of application. In particular, a comparative lexicographical workbench is to be created, which will be used for the investigation of sound change processes, language contact and history of concepts and, for the first time, will offer uniform access to heterogeneous dictionaries, transitive lexical queries across several dictionaries, and the identification of soundlike forms. In the main phase we extend the application to other language families of Eurasia, especially the Caucasus region. The resulting technology will thus be developed into a solution independent of a specific language family and will become a scientific methodology based on it in various case studies on language contact, especially in the Caucasus region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia).

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Project results

to be anounced