CEDIFOR Pilot Projects put the goal of the centre into practice, by building a bridge between research questions stemming from humanities and computer-based methodology. The projects are typically carried out in cooperation with one of the partners of the involved institutions.

Please find the details about current projects by accessing the links in the navigation. The responsible people for each project can be found there. The scientific coordinator of CEDIFOR is happy to respond to general questions or inquiries about further or new projects.

Project list

  1. Historical Semantics, Coocompetition Analysis and Collation
  2. Multilingual Stemmatology: Understanding multilingual tradition and development of medieval texts. The Physiologus as a feasibility study.
  3. Building a framework for semantic search on translated cuneiform scripts
  4. Automatically Extracting Audiovisual Features to Analyze Videos in Educational Research
  5. EGOlink: Automatically Analyzing and Extending the Structure of Links in EGO
  6. Research capacities for qualitative research through collaboration and semantic annotation. The example of classroom interaction.
  7. Interlinking Pictura – Bertuch’s “Picture Book for Children” as a Semantic Network
  8. Virtual research environment for collaborative analysis of classroom photographs
  9. “The World of the Kxoé Bushmen” – The Khwe Collection by Oswin Köhler
  10. Linguistic analysis and visualization of texts of pupils to draw conclusions about higher-level characteristics
  11. Computer-aided analysis of metaphors in theory-language educational text corpora
  12. Digital analysis of epigraphic monuments. Pilot project on the epigraphic record of Georgia.
  13. Academic Trails in Multimedia Spaces
  14. QuantQual@CEDIFOR – The coexistence of quantitative and qualitative methods in historical German philology